Who we are

Theatre Together is a new collective of over 100 artists and professionals including producers, directors, marketers, actors and an array of other individuals in the arts and culture industry. Our mission is to create positive change for arts workers while re-examining audiences’ relationship to theatre in this new digital age.


Chloé Nelkin

Debbie Hicks Productions

Hannah Elsy Productions

Harry Blumenau

Hartshorn-Hook Productions

I Am Marketing

Immersive London


Iris Theatre

Metal Rabbit

RJG Productions

Selladoor Worldwide

Sharp Image Company

Sine Digital



Thanks to all the individuals involved in the collective

Alice Kornitzer, Alice Merivale, Alice Rickett, Andre Sequeira, Andrew Allen, Arabella Neville-Rolfe, Becky Martin, Ben Chamberlain, Bryony Reynolds, Bryony Taylor, Caitlin Burrows, Chloé Nelkin, Chris Whittaker, Connor Strange, David Hutchinson, Debbie Hicks, Dominic Shaw, Eden Tredwell, Eleni Cashell, Ellen Burgin, Emily Jane Kerr, Freya Cowdry, George Readshaw, Hannah Elsy, Harry Blumenau, Henriette Stoll, Jack Greenyer, Jack Maple, Jamie Ross, Joshua LeClair, Katie Jackson, Kyle Watts, Liam Harrison, Lynne McConway, Marie Zschommler, Marina Dixon, Matthew Schmolle, Michelle Allan, Natalie Chan, Natalie Harcourt, Natalie Yalden, Oliver Seymour, Patrick Kennedy, Paul Jennings, Paul Virides, Paul-Ryan Carberry, Piers Foley, Rachael Beaty, Rebecca Gwyther, Rob Ellis, Robyn Taylor McEwan, Sanna-Karina Aab, Sarah-Jane Price, Simon Cummin, Sinead Wall, Sofi Berenger, Steph J Weller, Tania Azevedo, Thomas Dale, Thomas Ryalls, Tom Jackson Greaves, Tommy Luck


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